Finds of the Week

Places, videos, articles and great stuff I came across in my journey this week; in the spirit of sharing with fellow travelers, here are a few.

Interview with Michael Talbot on synchronicity and the holographic universe, shared with us by Thinking Allowed. This is from back in 1992, but not only still timely, but Talbot was able to articulate ideas in a beautiful way. He’s the author of The Holographic Universe.

Here’s a BBC video that explains time in an enjoyable way. Don’t you love it when filmmakers make science intelligible AND interesting? Cosmic Time The True Nature Of Time, Science Physics Universe Documentary, hosted by Michio Kaku, City University of New York.

Can you tell that I’ve been on a stretch of the journey that is searching for the fundamentals? I have.

Here’s another one: M-THEORY AND STRING THEORY – THE ELEGANT UNIVERSE – Discovery Science Space.

And a book I came across that I am still perusing which brings some of these thoughts into our own lives: Quantum Jumps: An Extraordinary Science of Happiness and Prosperity by Cynthia Sue Larson.

Of course, there’s more. If you are on a journey as I am, you know there’s more. That’s the beauty of stretching your mind and exploring consciousness.