Two-D Auditorium Paperdolls

I recently had a strange moment − one of those oddities that stayed with me and made me ask: is this how dimensions might look when you can’t see them?

I was in the audience watching Wayne Dyer, somewhat zoned out in the pre-lunch moments, when the view I had from row four shifted from the normal into a semi 2-dimensional view. I saw height and width but no true depth.

Imagine a room where depth is occupied not by full bodies and space. But instead, you have something like those old carnival shooting galleries. Have you been to any of those? There’s a backdrop and in front of it a few lines of tracks and tin duck silhouettes are moved back and forth along the track.

As the room shifted into this odd sight, with Wayne Dyer on one track, his posters behind him on another and then the blue curtain backdrop behind that, it was as if all of us were paper doll images set up along our parallel tracks. My track was row four and we, too, were flat.

I share this because I have since wondered if this helps to see what our world would look like from other dimensions (and yes, I am assuming they exist, though I have no way of knowing what they are or who’s there, if anyone).

In trying to imagine what 3-dimensional life might look like to that 5-dimensional being, or a 6-, 7-, or 8-? − I might come up with something like this − a world that is missing a dimension I’m accustomed to seeing. A world somehow not real. Flat. But not totally.

It was just a moment, but a curious one; I suppose everyone has these moments when the world shifts a bit and then shifts back again. Where would I go to read about them?