Ideas Repeat Themselves – So, What Does That Mean?

Galileo's DoorI look for the underlying current , the washing together of water beneath the waves, as I study and listen to amazingly smart leaders discuss nonduality and other realms of consciousness exploration. There is more to the universe than the matter we see, hear, touch, smell and taste, they all say, but then, so did Shakespeare and so have poets throughout the ages. And now, so does quantum physics and mathematics.  We seem to be coming together in our talks of consciousness, of oneness, and of our bonding together, infinitely.

And what am I, a single seeker on my own path, to make of all this? So many routes to explore! I run down one, find an intersection and run along another. And then, so many times, so often, I find myself in the same place. You might call it an intersection, maybe a cul de sac, maybe a destination gate. I think I like destination gate because I cling to the idea of a resolution, an enlightening, a certainty. On the other side of that gate, there it will be. I laugh. Disneyland? What? What is there? What will that feel like?

My Friends Offer Insights

A friend said to me not long ago that she explored all this stuff back in the 70s–various aspects and approaches to spirituality – and attended talks by leaders, from transcendental meditation to EST and beyond. She was in Los Angeles, so she had numerous opportunities right in her own backyard. After a while, she said, she began to see that they all said the same thing, They just all had their own ways of saying it: their own lexicons. But she noticed that underlying all of their approaches was – well — nothing new from one to the next.

“And so I stopped going to all those lectures,” she said.

“But what now?” I asked.  “Having seen all these leaders and studied them all, which one became the one you follow now?”

“None of them. “


“I live my life and enjoy it and besides, at the end, we all find out anyway. Why push it?”

But I Continue Exploring Realms of Consciousness

I seem to need to push it. I’m especially intrigued by the continuity from one leader to the next.

The Internet makes it easy, too, some may argue too easy, and I find I frolic from one approach to the next.  And yet, while I fritter along, I also stay on the same path, listening to Peter Russell, then Francis Lucille, then Edward Frenkel, walking along awhile with one, then another, all of them giving me their outlooks on the world. And one day, I know, all of this will come together.

I will come to an intersection, or it may be a gate. It may also look much like a door opening out from a dark, enclosed house, a structure I did not even realize I was occupying. Whatever it is, I will know it when I reach it, and I’ll let you know what it ended up being.